France’s leading mutual insurance
  • 1st insurer on the property insurance market
  • No. 1 in individual health insurances
  • No. 1 for the local authorities
  • Leader on the agricultural insurance market
  • No. 3 for auto insurance
  • No. 3 for commercial insurance
  • No. 2 for maritim and transport related insurance
  • No. 5 for life products (without bancassurance)

Firmly embedded in the French economic and social fabric, the Group makes its products and services available to private individuals, professionals, SMEs and institutions under two major brand names, GROUPAMA, distributed by the Groupama Regional Mutuals and GAN, distributed by networks of intermediaries.
Known as Groupama since 1986, the mutual insurer was formed in the late 19th century by farmers for their own requirements. In addition to consolidating its position as the leading agricultural insurer, Groupama is now active in a wide range of business sectors and caters for a broad clientele, as well as owning and steering one of France's largest companies, with over 6000 local centers, 11 regional metropolitan centers and approximately 75000 elected members.
Groupama has built itself up patiently over the last hundred years, constantly adapting to the economic challenges and specific needs of its members and customers. The Group's strength lies in the guiding principles it has inherited from agricultural mutual insurance: local presence, responsibility and solidarity.
The Group's history as well as its sphere of activity have meant that it has always been active in areas governed by economic, social and environmental responsibility: the prevention and management of risks are at the heart of the insurance profession.
In 1998 Groupama acquires Gan, de 4th French insurer. In 2001, the Groupama Bank is created, in collaboration with Société Générale. Groupama is established internationally, mainly in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Turkey nad Bulgaria) and in Asia (China, Vietnam).

Managing Committee:

Ognian Yordanov - Chief Executive Officer
Celine Bolard - Deputy CEO
Spas Aleksiev - Deputy CEO General Insurance
Ivo Krastev - Deputy CEO Life Insurance
Jacklin Mazneva - Deputy CEO Finances
Raya Grozeva - Chief Actuary

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