United Medicle
The holding company "United Medical" EAD is amongst the leading healthcare suppliers in Bulgaria.

The company manages:

  • Network of healthcare facilities, situated in Sofia and Varna; 
  • Voluntary health insurance fund, one of the first licensed in Bulgaria;
  • Occupational services company with offices in Sofia and Varna;
"United Medical" EAD offers its clients a wide variety of services in the fields of healthcare and health insurance, combining professionalism, modern technologies and the highest standards of service.
Its own network of medical facilities, occupational services company and a voluntary health insurance fund enables "United Medical" EAD to provide high quality and comprehensive health products.

"United Medical" EAD manages the following companies

  • "United Health Insurance" EAD
  • "United Occupational Services" EOOD
  • "United Diagnostic and Consultative center Business Park Sofia" EOOD
  • "United Medical Medical center Varna Bregalnica" EOOD
Management team of the medical holding "United Medical":
Dilyan Dimitrov - Executive Director
Voluntary health insurance company "United Health Insurance":
Dilyan Dimitrov - Executive Director
Albena Dimkova - Head of "Internal Control" Departmen

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