Insurance brokerage

''They say that numbers manage business. No, they just show the way the business is managed.''

Broker Ins provides insurance intermediation in the following main areas:

Insurance companies offers and choice of insurer

  • Preparation of a request to insurance companies for providing offers on the basis of the insurance scheme specified
  • In cases when a public procurement is necessary- preparing a special assignment to the documents
  • Assessment of the offers made on the basis of the established criteria
  • Choice on the part of the client of a preferred insurer(s)

Concluding insurance contracts

  • Preparing the total documentation for concluding the insurance contracts
  • Control over observing the agreements reached by the insurance companies
  • Coordinating the necessary activities in relation to the specific requirements of the insurers (safeguarding sites, inspections, marking, etc.)

Insurance contracts service

  • Giving current information on forthcoming insurance payments
  • Cash flow planning
  • Monitoring of insurance contracts for forthcoming renewal

Products and documentation

  • Notifying the client for new insurance products suitable for his/her activity
  • Maintaining an archive of documentation related to the issued insurance policies

Online access to specific information

The Broker Ins information system makes it possible for authorized employees of our clients to get detailed and current information on the status of the insurance contracts in operation, to monitor the policies taken out in the course of time, to monitor payment transactions including those of other units and structures.

  • Information request for all insurances
  • Insurance history for a particular site
  • Payment status on insurance policies
  • Forthcoming payments and cash flow planning
  • Registered damages status

Assistance in cases of insurance events

  • Assistance and consultation in settling unfinished insurance cases on insurances taken out prior to signing intermediation contract with Broker Ins
  • Hotline for consultations on necessary proceedings in cases of insurance events
  • Preparing the necessary documentation for registering damages
  • Assistance and consultation on making an inspection and assessment of the damages
  • Assistance in obtaining documents additionally required by the insurers
  • Monitoring of an insurance correspondence until its end

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