Servicing clients

There isn’t quality from time to time, quality in one’s work means always!

BrokerIns has a qualified team of experts, specialized in identifying, analyzing and consulting the risks that can lead to potential threats for the normal going-on of business in companies working in all economic sectors and activities.

The structure of the Corporate Clients department allows an insurance expert to be appointed personally for each particular company who will take responsibility for its total service.

With a view to improving the service to its customers, BrokerIns is introducing an online-based information system. The new system makes it possible for authorized employees of our clients to get detailed and current information on the status of the insurance contracts in operation, to monitor the policies taken out in the course of time, to monitor payment transactions including those of other units and structures.

The system allows making different information requests depending on the particular requirements of each client.

  • Information request for all insurances
  • Insurance history for a particular site
  • Payment status on insurance policies
  • Forthcoming payments and cash flow planning
  • Registered damages status

The insurance experts right next to you!

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