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Broker Ins offers services in the following directions:

Consultancy services

  • Risk evaluation and control strategies
  • Consultations for applying the insurance products
  • Constantly monitoring the market tendencies and the insurance prices
Insurance intermediation
  • Negotiating the preferential insurance terms
  • Control of the insurance policy issuing
  • Sufficient notice and collection of the insurance premiums
  • Monitoring and organization of the insurance contracts renewal
  • Active cooperation in terms of damage elimination

Regular Accounting

  • Preparation of summarized reports: insurance contracts, insurance assets, paid and due insurance premiums
  • Detailed information about particular contracts
  • Sufficient notice regarding due insurance premiums and forthcoming renewal of insurance policies

Management of the documentation connected with specified insurance contracts and delivery of documents to the clients.

Active cooperation in case of insurance events

  • Cooperation and consultations in order to solve incomplete insurance events regarding insurance contracts signed before the contract with Broker Ins
  • Preparation of documents regarding damages
  • Cooperation and consultations in relation to the inspection and evaluation of the damages
  • Cooperation regarding the obtaining of any additional documents required by the insurers
  • Monitoring the insurance file until its completion

Specialized insurance services

The insurance experts right next to you!

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